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The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University--Bloomington

Business School Admissions

Application (Fall 2013)

Application deadline (U.S. residents) April 15
Application deadline (international students) April 15
Application fee $75

Admissions & Enrollment (Full-time)

Acceptance rate 38.0% - Medium
Average age of new entrants 28
Average undergraduate GPA 3.32 - Medium
Undergraduate GPA range (10th-90th percentile) 2.8-3.78
Entrants providing undergraduate GPA 173
Average GMAT score 670 - High
GMAT range (10th-90th percentile) 590-730
Students with prior work experience 210
Average work experience (months) 57

Admissions & Enrollment (Part-time)

Acceptance rate 53.5%
Average age of new entrants 29
Average undergraduate GPA 3.38
Undergraduate GPA range (10th-90th percentile) 2.94-3.95
Entrants providing undergraduate GPA 73
Average GMAT score 614
GMAT range (10th-90th percentile) 540-690
Students with prior work experience 73
Average work experience (months) 81

Undergraduate Majors

TOEFL required for international students Yes
Minimum TOEFL score required 600 paper test
100 internet-based test

Factors and Procedures Used in Admissions

(Data appear as originally submitted by this school)
Full-time program
Kelley has an admissions process designed to identify candidates who demonstrate the potential for academic excellence and a promising career. We carefully evaluate a candidate's academic record. Most successful applicants have at least two years of full-time professional work experience. We encourage candidates to visit campus and interview prior to submission of their application.
Executive program N/A
Part-time program
Admission is based upon student's academic and professional background and their potential for professional advancement. We examine performance on the GMAT, undergraduate transcripts, work experience, professional letters of recommendation, and student's personal essay. Phone or in-person interviews are recommended. Application deadlines are November 1 and April 1. Early admission is possible.
Part-time distance learning program
Kelley Direct reviews undergraduate transcripts, performance on the GMAT test, personal essay, and letters of recommendation. Each applicant's packet of information is evaluated to assess their past experiences and professional development as well as prior academic achievement. Kelley Direct admits students who demonstrate a pattern of success in their academic and professional careers.

Admissions Contacts

Director of admissions James Holmen
Full-time program phone (812) 855-8006
Full-time program E-mail
Full-time program website http:/​/​kelley.​iu.​edu/​mba
Executive program phone N/A
Executive program E-mail N/A
Executive program website N/A
Part-time program phone (317) 274-2147
Part-time program E-mail
Part-time program website http:/​/​kelley.​iupui.​edu
Part-time distance learning program phone (877) 785-4713
Part-time distance learning program E-mail
Part-time distance learning program website http:/​/​kd.​iu.​edu

Business School Academics

Program Offerings

(11) Departments/concentrations
accounting marketing
consulting not-for-profit management
entrepreneurship production/operations management
finance supply chain management/logistics
general management other
international business
Departments with highest M.B.A. demand entrepreneurship, finance, general management, marketing, supply chain management/logistics
Types of M.B.A. programs offered full-time traditional two year, part-time evenings and weekends, part-time distance learning
Joint programs available biotechnology, computer science/information systems, engineering, healthcare (medicine), healthcare (management), law, public policy/administration, Language & Cultural Studies; Telecommunication

Curricula Descriptions

(Data appear as originally submitted by this school)
Full-time program
The program emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving, leadership and teamwork, analytical skills, and professional development. The first semester links all functional areas: strategy, economics, accounting, finance, marketing, management, operations, and decision sciences. Each student joins an Academy, providing the opportunity to focus on a particular industry and/or career path.
Executive program N/A
Part-time program
The Evening MBA can be completed in 2-1/2-3 years. Students take core classes as a cohort during the first 5 semesters, gaining problem-solving, analytical, teamwork, and professional development skills. Electives provide the opportunity to major in a functional area and study abroad. Enterprises offer project opportunities in the areas of entrepreneurship, finance, and supply chain mgmt.
Part-time distance learning program
Kelley Direct's curriculum is 51 credit hours that can be done in 2-5 years. The curriculum is rigorous in content and flexible in delivery. Students take courses in twelve week terms four times a year. Our curriculum is intended to provide broad general management skills to our students. Students can take up to 9 hours of electives.

Business School Ranking

#23 Best Business Schools

(8) Ranking by Specialties

#12 in Accounting
#8 in Entrepreneurship
#12 in Information Systems
#20 in Management
#16 in Marketing
#9 in Part-time M.B.A.
#10 in Production / Operations
#21 in Supply Chain / Logistics

Business Ranking Scores

These data apply only to full-time students.

Score 66
Peer assessment score (out of 5) 3.7
Recruiter assessment score (out of 5) 3.5
Acceptance rate 38.0% - Medium
Average starting salary and bonus $106,195 - High
Average undergraduate GPA 3.32 - Medium
Average GMAT score 670 - High
Full-time graduates employed at graduation 69.3% - Medium
Full-time graduates employed three months after graduation 89.6% - Medium
Enrollment (full-time) 448

Business School Student Body

Student Body (Overall)

Enrollment 742

Student Body (Full-time)

Enrollment (full-time) 448
Minority students 15.8%
International students 37.1%

Student Body (Part-time)

Enrollment (part-time) 294
Minority students 16.3%
International students 12.2%

Business School Cost

Financial Aid Contact Information

Financial aid director Timothy Smith
Financial aid phone (812) 855-8006


Full-time: $24,478 per year (in-state)
Full-time: $43,460 per year (out-of-state)
Part-time: $700 per credit (in-state)
Part-time: $1,400 per credit (out-of-state)
Required fees $1,891 per year
Room and board, books, and miscellaneous expenses $19,734
Average indebtedness of 2011 graduating class $67,562

Financial Aid Availability

College-funded aid (fellowships, assistantships, grants, or scholarships) available Yes
Fellowships 225
Teaching assistantships 12
Research assistantships 140
International students eligible for college-funded aid Yes
Career and Salary Statistics

Business School Career and Salary Statistics

Indiana University--Bloomington has submitted its most recent career data in accordance with the MBA Career Services Council Standards for Reporting MBA Employment Statistics and has granted permission to the Graduate Management Admission Council to send an independent third party to review for accuracy and compliance.

Class of 2011

Full-time graduates 216
Full-time graduates known to be seeking employment 202
Full-time graduates employed at graduation 69.3% - Medium
Full-time graduates employed three months after graduation 89.6% - Medium

Base Salary: Overall

Total reporting base salary 154
Low base salary $40,000
Average base salary $95,325
High base salary $140,000

Base Salary: U.S. Citizens

Low base salary: U.S. citizens $40,000
Average base salary: U.S. citizens $95,248
High base salary: U.S citizen $140,000

Base Salary: Foreign Nationals

Low base salary: Foreign nationals $59,000
Average base salary: Foreign nationals $95,689
High base salary: Foreign nationals $120,000

Signing Bonus: Overall

Total reporting signing bonus 95
Low signing bonus $3,000
Average signing bonus $17,621
High signing bonus $57,500

Signing Bonus: U.S. Citizens

Low signing bonus: U.S. citizens $3,000
Average signing bonus: U.S. citizens $18,284
High signing bonus: U.S. citizens $57,500

Signing Bonus: Foreign Nationals

Low signing bonus: Foreign nationals $5,000
Average signing bonus: Foreign nationals $13,643
High signing bonus: Foreign nationals $25,000

Other Compensation: Overall

Total reporting other compensation 23
Low other compensation $1,000
Average other compensation $12,320
High other compensation $50,000

Other Compensation: U.S. Citizens

Low other compensation: U.S. citizens $1,000
Average other compensation: U.S. citizens $12,208
High other compensation: U.S. citizens $50,000

Other Compensation: Foreign Nationals

Low other compensation: Foreign nationals N/A
Average other compensation: Foreign nationals N/A
High other compensation: Foreign nationals N/A

Base Salary by Occupation

Numbers for employment by occupation are based on those graduates who reported base salary information by three months after graduation.
Number reporting marketing/sales jobs 62
Marketing/sales low salary $50,000
Marketing/sales average salary $91,576
Marketing/sales high salary $120,000
Number reporting operations/production jobs 12
Operations/production low salary $60,000
Operations/production average salary $94,900
Operations/production high salary $125,000
Number reporting general management jobs 18
General management low salary $65,000
General management average salary $92,156
General management high salary $120,000
Number reporting finance/accounting jobs 47
Finance/accounting low salary $40,000
Finance/accounting average salary $95,537
Finance/accounting high salary $120,000
Number reporting management information systems (MIS) jobs 2
Management information systems (MIS) low salary N/A
Management information systems (MIS) average salary N/A
Management information systems (MIS) high salary N/A
Number reporting consulting jobs 31
Consulting low salary $65,000
Consulting average salary $103,320
Consulting high salary $130,000
Number reporting human resources jobs 3
Human resources low salary $80,000
Human resources average salary $87,333
Human resources high salary $92,000
Number reporting having jobs in other areas 6
Other occupations low salary $95,000
Other occupations average salary $112,500
Other occupations high salary $140,000

Base Salary by Industry

Numbers for employment by industry are based on those graduates who reported base salary information by three months after graduation.
Number reporting government jobs 2
Number reporting manufacturing jobs 32
Manufacturing low salary $59,000
Manufacturing average salary $94,136
Manufacturing high salary $114,000
Number reporting non-profit jobs 4
Non-profit low salary $65,000
Non-profit average salary $86,667
Non-profit high salary $100,000

Base Salary by Geographic Region

Numbers for employment by location are based on those graduates who reported base salary information by three months after graduation.
Number reporting jobs in the Northeast (CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT) 20
Northeast low salary $50,000
Northeast average salary $95,933
Northeast high salary $120,000
Number reporting jobs in the Middle Atlantic (DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV) 11
Middle Atlantic low salary $78,000
Middle Atlantic average salary $96,000
Middle Atlantic high salary $105,000
Number reporting jobs in the South (AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN) 16
South low salary $65,000
South average salary $89,115
South high salary $104,000
Number reporting jobs in the Midwest (IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI) 94
Midwest low salary $40,000
Midwest average salary $95,414
Midwest high salary $130,000
Number reporting jobs in the Southwest (AZ, CO, NM, OK, TX) 9
Southwest low salary $85,000
Southwest average salary $98,111
Southwest high salary $120,000
Number reporting jobs in the West (AK, CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY) 24
West low salary $65,000
West average salary $98,968
West high salary $140,000
Number reporting jobs located internationally 7
International low salary N/A
International average salary N/A
International high salary N/A

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